Reverse vending machines

Our international enterprise sells and maintains commercial products.

Service related to handling tare is provided in Estonia and Lithuania. Altogether we have more than 100 fully-operable tare machines. We also maintain over 150 tare machines. Majority of tare machines have been repeatedly acknowledged as “Outstanding  tare return point“ by Eesti Pandipakendi OÜ. We have chosen the most suitable tare machines manufactured for the Estonian pledge system. We provide the best solutions for any shop type for handling any quantity of tare. Today our clients include many big and medium-size enterprises in  Estonia and Lithuania: Maxima, Rimi, Kaubamaja, Norfa and many other retail companies.

Baltas Kubas is the sales, maintenance and repair representative of the producer factory  Trautwein SB technik Gmbh in the Baltic States.

Tare machines provided by us are safe (control of the shape, weight, barcode and the material of the tare) and with many auxiliary functions like a possibility to donate money, interface for the  use of a client card, telemetric- remote control…